Downtime and Dominion Checks

Downtime: Every time characters level up, they gain 4 months of downtime so every three levels, time advances in the game by a year. After 10th level, the downtime triples to 1 year per level so your characters should be approximately 29 years old at 19th level.

Every 6 months of game time allows the heirs to make a dominion check to determine how their domain and their subjects are doing.

Dominion Checks are made by rolling a d20 and adding your characters charisma modifier to his or her leadership modifier. d20 + [Charisma Mod] + [Leadership Mod]

All heirs should note their starting leadership score which equals half their charisma score plus half their level. A characters leadership score will vary over time due to in game actions. Characters with a leadership score over 14 will attract followers, and those who maintain a leadership score of 20 gain a companion character.

Leadership Score

  • 15 = 1 follower
  • 16 = 1 followers
  • 17 = 2 followers
  • 18 = 2 followers
  • 19 = 3 followers
  • 20 = 3 followers and 1 companion character
  • 21+ Each increase above 20, attracts one extra follower. See MME for information on Followers.

Commoners can make profit checks every 6 months, to determine how well their business(s) are fairing. Most profit checks are made against an Easy difficulty for the character’s level. However in hard times, the difficulty increases one step. Further a failed profit check increases the next profit check by one step. Actual in game set backs and losses may impose penalties to the roll, just as windfalls will add bonuses.

A profit check is made by rolling a Streetwise check for businesses operating in settlements or an Insight check for all other businesses. A successful roll means that you managed to cover your costs including the going rate for paying your employees (and possibly your followers) and still managed to break even. If your success exceeds the DC you manage to actually turn a profit.

This roll is adjusted by the following modifiers:

  • +2 bonus if you have a background relevant to the business: i.e. an alchemist may be better at running a magic item shop than a mercenary, but the mercenary is probably better at managing a mercenary company.
  • +1 power bonus for having a trained knowledge relevant to your business.
  • +1 bonus for every 1,000 gold pieces you’ve invested in your business since your last downtime.
  • +1 bonus for every follower your business employees on a full time basis (and thus cannot accompany you on adventures).

Downtime and Dominion Checks

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